Investment Activity Support

To stimulate the investment activity of the city companies and to attract external investors’ money, the investment projects carried out on the territory of Yaroslavl can use the following kinds of municipal support (in accordance with the current laws and regulations):

  • information support
  • tax exemptions
  • investment tax credit
  • municipal guarantees

Information support means methodological assistance and advice to the entities involved in investment activities in Yaroslavl; publication of investment projects profiles on the official web-site of the city Yaroslavl; presentation of projects at Russian and international forums, conferences, exhibitions; publications of investment activity reviews in Russian and foreign mass media. The period of municipal support ends with return of investment, but any way it lasts no longer than five years.

Land tax exemptions are granted to the entities involved in investment activities, which carry out projects included in the List of Investment Projects of the city Yaroslavl, and providing the new construction, in size of 100% for the period of construction (but no more than 2 years), and in size of 50% within the payback period (but no more than 3 years) since the launch date.

For the projects included in the List of Investment Projects of the city Yaroslavl, but not providing the new construction (reconstruction, modernization of existing manufacturing facilities, etc.), land tax exemptions are granted in size of 50% since the launch date for the period for no more than 3 years. Land tax exemptions are granted only for the land plots where investment projects are carried out.

The Tax Code of the Russian Federation determines the conditions and regulations of the investment tax credit.

The Resolution of the Yaroslavl City Council dated 12.11.2009 No.220 “The Order of Granting Municipal Guarantees of the city Yaroslavl” determines the conditions and regulations of the municipal guarantees granting.

The Government of the Yaroslavl Region offers the following financial forms of state support of investment activity: tax exemptions (tax benefits, tax holidays) for priority and regional projects, special investment contracts.

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