Yaroslavl Investment Attractiveness

Development of favorable conditions for attracting investments, including international investments, to the real sector of economy is one of the top-priority goals of the Yaroslavl City Hall.
The potential advantages of Yaroslavl for investors are:
-  Advantageous geographical location (proximity to Moscow and relative proximity to Saint Petersburg), favorable climatic conditions;
-  Location at the intersection of the main automobile, railway, water and airways, main oil and gas pipelines;
-  Powerful multi-sectoral industrial capacity;
-  Stable resources provision;
-  Developed system of primary, secondary and higher professional education, high scientific and innovation potential;
-  Wide external economic links;
-  High tourism potential.
With purpose of developing efficient municipal investment policy, Yaroslavl local authorities use the system approach, which allows solving strategic tasks of municipal entity development, and also use modern market mechanisms and instruments.

To reach the above-mentioned goals the city developed the following documents of strategic and medium-term planning of socio-economic development of the city:
- 2030 Strategy of Social and Economic Development of the City, which serves as guideline for entrepreneurs and potential investors, helps them to reach informed decisions taking into account city’s perspectives;
- Action Plan of Implementation of 2030 Strategy of Social and Economic Development, which leads to reaching the general strategic goal of social and economic development of Yaroslavl, to improvement of the population quality of life based on economic growth;
- 2026 Program of Integrated Development of Public Infrastructure System and for 2006-2017
- 2018-2026 Program of Integrated Development of Transport Infrastructure
- 2018-2026 Program of Integrated Development of Social Infrastructure  
General Urban Plan determines the foundations of territorial planning and city building policy up to 2026. Land Use and Development Rules for the city Yaroslavl regulate the system of land use and construction in the city; the territory of the city is divided into several areas with determined urban development protocols.
The investment projects carried out on the territory of Yaroslavl can use different kinds of municipal support, according to the current laws and regulations. This support is intended to create favourable conditions for entities involved in investment activities.
To attract new investors the Industrial Park Novoselki was created on the territory of the city (total area around 400 ha); it is situated along the south border of the city and presupposes multi-sectoral orientation. Such well-known companies as the construction machinery plant of the Japanese Group KOMATSU and the first in Russia construction elements production plant Lindab Buildings (Sweden) successfully work in Industrial Park Novoselki.

Комацу Ярославль.jpg

Komatsu Plant

In September 2012 the formal opening of the plant for manufacturing of finished dosage forms of the Japanese Company Takeda took place. In October 2014 the construction of one more pharmaceutical plant on the territory of the Industrial Park was completed – the plant of the Company Teva (Israel). In December 2014 opened the Technical Data Processing Centre of PJSC “Vimpelcom”, one of the largest in Russia telecommunication companies.


Takeda Plant

Another object of the Industrial Park Novoselki is the “Centre of Technologies Transfer, Development of Innovative and Import-Substituting Medications, Training of Personnel for Pharmaceutical Industry” acting on the basis of the Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushinsky. This project was carried out as part of the Federal Target Programme “Development of Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2020 and further”. The Technologies Transfer Centre is a scientific research complex with a total area of 8600 sq. m. It is constructed as a business incubator, which allows placing chemical and bio-screening research laboratories, premises for preclinical studies, different types of technological and implementation platforms, offices and headquarters of companies-residents of the Yaroslavl Pharmaceutical Cluster.


In 2016 LLC "Yaroslavl Soft Beverages Plant" started its work. The plant produces sparkling and non-sparkling water, lemonades and premium-class juices.
The following objects were constructed and function in Park Novoselki: A-category Logistic Center of, Wholesale Distribution Center of X5 Retail Group with modern equipment for storage of products for retail networks Perekrestok, Karusel, Pyaterochka distributed to 5 neighboring regions.
The Belgium Holding Besins Healthcare has completed construction of the pharmaceutical factory producing Utrogectan. This medication is part of the Russian Essential Drug List. The factory officially opened on June 18, 2019.
The Energy Center LLC Yarkogeneratsia is constructed in the same industrial park; the center will provide additional electric and heating power for residents of Novoselki Park and other consumers. Currently preparation activities for launching of co-generation gas engine plants are carried out. These plants will participate in electricity and heat energy distribution sources.
Currently the following objects are under construction: Federal Laboratory “Pharmaceutical Products Quality and Certification Center”; administrative repair and warehouse unit of LLC ISKT (authorized distributor of Komatsu and ATLET equipment); Data Center of Tenzor Company.

Fixed Capital Investments in Large and Medium-Sized Organizations

According to statistics for 2021, fixed capital investments in large and medium-sized city organizations made up 5717 billion rubles, or 119,5% in comparable prices to the level of 2020.


The main directions of capital investments in 2021 are: purchase of machinery, equipment, transport, household equipment (62,7%), construction of non-residential buildings and structures, land improvement (30,9%), residential buildings construction (3,8%).

Graphic View of Fixed Capital Investments
in Large and Medium-Sized Organizations in 2021


In 2021, 60,0% financing of investments was carried out of own funds of organizations, 40,0% – out of outside funds.

Graphic View of Outside Funds for Financing
Fixed Capital Investment in Large and Medium-Sized Organizations in 2021


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