Economic Potential

Yaroslavl is a large industrial centre with developed diversified industry and high-quality production facilities. Yaroslavl manufacturers of automobile engines, lorry and passenger automobile tyres, paints, varnishes and chemical production take leading positions in Russia.

As of January 1, 2017, 30 813 organizations are registered in Yaroslavl. Most of the companies are private (as of 01.01.2017 they make up 92,7%), 2,7% are state or municipal organizations. The main economic potential of the city constitute 2 433 industrial companies; 11 700 companies of wholesale and retail trade, automobile vehicles and household goods repair; 2 054 transport and communication companies; 4 139 construction companies; 6 372 companies dealing with immovable property, rent and delivery of services, 1 601 companies for delivery of communal, social and personal services.
Turnover of goods, works and services of large and medium-sized organizations of the city in all kinds of economic activity in 2016 made up 455,5 billion roubles, which is 9,2% more in comparison with 2015.

Structure of the City Economics based on Large and Middle Companies Turnover in 2016

экономика 1.JPG

In 2016 the maximum share in the city economics structure occupied wholesale and retail trade (40,7%), manufacturing (35,4%), production and distribution of electric power, gas and water (11,3%). Balanced financial result (profit minus loss) of large and medium-sized organizations of the city Yaroslavl following the results of 2016 made up 19,7 billion roubles.
Number of people employed in the city economics in 2016 made up 316,3 thousand people, among them 168,2 thousand people are employees of large and medium-sized organizations. The total number of legally registered unemployed as of 01.01.2017 made up 3 105 people; the registered unemployment rate is 0,9%.
Average payable monthly salary (without social benefits) in large and medium-sized city organizations in 2016 made up 34 724 roubles, which is 5,5% more than in 2015.