Intellectual, Scientific and Innovative Potential

Yaroslavl is a large educational center. High-quality education is an intellectual potential of the city, guarantee of its economic and cultural development.
15 higher education institutions (including branches) function in Yaroslavl; 9 of them are state-owned, 6 are private. Higher education institutions of Yaroslavl train specialists in different spheres – technical, humanitarian, natural sciences. Students can choose full-time, part-time or extra-mural education.
The biggest institutions are:
Yaroslavl State University named after P.G. Demidov (YarGU) is the leading higher education institution of the Upper Volga region, with more than 7,8 thousand students. Demidov University is a classical multidisciplinary educational institution, training students in 150 majors.
In its structure the university has ten faculties: the Law Faculty, the Mathematics Faculty, the Physics Faculty, the Economics Faculty, the History Faculty, the Faculty of Information and Computer Science, the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, the Psychology Faculty, the Biology and Ecology Faculty, the Faculty of Philology and Communication. Besides the classical 5-year education, the University offers a range of programs in Bachelor and Master’s degrees.
The development of fundamental science has always been a top-priority task for the university. The University holds leading positions in qualification of academic staff, in extent, subjects and results of scientific researches. The university has several recognized scientific schools in many fields of science.
The academics of P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University carry out scientific research in 14 main scientific directions, among them:
-          Mathematical methods of research and optimization in continuous and discrete systems;
-          Mathematical and computer modeling of computation processes, research of neural-like structures, their use in pattern recognition and image analysis;
-          Information and telecommunication systems: principal physics, mathematical modeling and hardware, and so on.
The research work in the University is organized within 16 education and research centers:
·         Research & Educational Center of Innovative Programming,
·         Demidov Center of Nanotechnology and Innovations,
·         Innovative Development of Economy and Competitiveness of Russian Enterprises,
·         Telecommunications and Information Security, and others
The university is actively involved in international cooperation. It has a number of long-term partnerships with higher education institutions of the USA, Finland, and France.

Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushinsky (YaGPU)
Yaroslavl Pedagogical University is one of the largest higher education institutions in the region. More than 6 thousand students study in the University, around 500 professors work in YaGPU. The University is a significant factor in educational, scientific and cultural life of the region; it has a good reputation and prestige. Also the University is a large scientific center, which carries out scientific research in dozens of directions, including fundamental research.
The University carries out focused scientific and training work in the sphere of thin organic synthesis of new potentially biologically active compounds, used for creation of innovative medications of new generation. They can be used for treatment of such socially significant diseases as influenza, hepatitis C, tuberculosis, AIDS. The Scientific Educational Center “Innovative Research” was created by the University and is successively functioning.
As part of carrying out the Federal Target Program “Development of Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2020 and further” at the premises of the Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushinsky the project “Center of Technologies Transfer, Development of Innovative and Import-Substituting Medications, Training of Personnel for Pharmaceutical Industry” is carried out.

Yaroslavl State Technical University (YaGTU)
The Technical University is one of the largest higher education institutions in the Upper Volga Region. More than 6 thousand students study at the Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Economic Engineering, Humanitarian Faculties, Faculty of Additional Professional Education, Advanced Training and Professional Development of Educators.
Several academic schools function in the University. Being part of these schools, scientists of the University carry out research scientific work in the spheres of basic and applied science. YaGTU maintains scientific ties with several foreign higher education institutions and companies in spheres of economics of industrial undertaking, environmental protection, energy saving, construction, personnel training for enterprises built by the foreign companies.
Four training and scientific centers are affiliated with the University:
·         Wireless Information and Communication Technologies;
·         Intellectual Equipment;
·         Nanochemical Laboratory;
·         Organic Chemistry.
The University actively establishes international relations. Foreign students study in YaGTU, foreign universities have partner relations. YaGTU maintains partnership relations with more than 120 enterprises and organizations. Annually the University acquires rights for more than 20 invention patents. More than 30 scientific articles and reports of the YaGTU academics were published in the foreign mass media.

Secondary Professional Education
Technical colleges of the city are represented by 14 educational organizations; they train skilled workmen and supervisors for different spheres of industry, culture and art, healthcare, trade, construction and transport.

Training of Personnel for Pharmaceutical Cluster
For several years now the cluster of pharmaceutical industry and innovative medicine has been successfully developing in the Yaroslavl Region. It unites such companies as LLC Teva Moscow (Yaroslavl Branch LLC Teva), LLC Takeda Yaroslavl, OJSC R-Pharm Moscow (Yaroslavl Branch of OJSC R-Pharm “State-of-the-art Manufacturing Site of Finished Dosage Forms”). Pharmaceutical companies actively cooperate with educational institutions in the sphere of training professional personnel for pharmaceutical industry including dual education, carry out joint projects such as Pharmaceutical International Innovation Camp “FILIN”, pay educational scholarships to students of secondary and higher education institutions, organize educational programs for school pupils.

Federal State-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “Yaroslavl State Medical University” is a multidisciplinary university, which provides education, professional development and advanced training for doctors and pharmacists. Pharmaceutical Department of the University trains pharmacists in major “Pharmacy” not only for Yaroslavl and Yaroslavl Region, but also for the Russian Federation and foreign countries. Taking into account the needs of the region, such disciplines as Principles of GMP, Pharmaceutical Logistics, Drug Quality Control, and Equipment for Pharmaceutical industry were added to the curriculum. The University leads active scientific work in pharmaceutical technology and development of new pharmaceutical forms. The University carries out the joint project with the Pharmaceutical Company Ranbaxy (India). It presupposes development and implementation of the training system in pharma safety for representatives of medical community. In the structural department of the University – the Practical Skills Center – the Model Pharmacy functions, with all necessary modern equipment and furniture. This model imitates real conditions of the pharmacy activity and forms practical skills and competence.
At the premises of the State Educational Institution of the Yaroslavl Region “Yaroslavl Chemical Engineering Lyceum” with the financial support of the Takeda Company, the educational Shared Knowledge Centre opened in 2014. It is a kind of a mini-factory, where Yaroslavl students can supervise the working process of modern enterprises. Students of the leading higher education institutions (Yaroslavl State Demidov-University, Yaroslavl State Technical University, Yaroslavl State Medical University) and secondary professional education institutions (Yaroslavl Chemical Engineering Lyceum, Yaroslavl Industrial Economic College, Pereslavl Cinema Photochemical College) can use the Shared Knowledge Center. The main purpose of the center is training personnel for the national pharmaceutical industry according to the world quality standards GMP.
R-Pharm Company together with the GOU SPO YaO “Yaroslavl Industrial Economic College” (State Educational Institution of Advanced Professional Education of the Yaroslavl Region) trains skilled personnel using principles of dual education. Dual education combines theoretical and practical training. Practical training is carried out at the working place, while theoretical part – in the premises of the educational institution. Students studying according to the system of dual education, have all chances to study the specifics of their future job and get the understanding of the working conditions at the manufacturing facilities of the companies. The available programs are “Biochemical Manufacturing”, “Analytical Quality Control of Chemical Compounds”.
As part of carrying out the Federal Target Program “Development of Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2020 and further” at the premises of the Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushinsky the project of “Center of Transfer of Technologies, Development of Innovative and Import-Substituting Medications, Training of Personnel for Pharmaceutical Industry” is carried out.
The Center will be located in a new five-storied building with total area 8600 sq. m. and include:
-          Biological and bioanalytical laboratories;
-          Laboratories of fine organic and analytical chemistry;
-          Experimental biological clinic (vivarium);
-          Experimental training section of organic synthesis;
-          Experimental training section of finished dosage form manufacture;
-          Quality control laboratory for active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished dosage forms;
-          Experimental pharmacology laboratory;
-          Lecture halls and conference halls.
Creation of the Technologies Transfer Center is an important element in infrastructure of the Yaroslavl pharmaceutical cluster. It will be engaged in research and development, carry out progressive field technologies and train new type personnel for pharmaceutical industry.

28 organizations in the city are engaged in scientific research. The major part of them are educational institutions of higher professional education, industrial organizations and research institutions. Organizations carry out their activities in different spheres.

OJSC Research Institute “YARSINTEZ” is the organization engaged in large research and experimental projects and implementation of the result in industries. YARSINTEZ develops new technologies of rubbers, synthetic and artificial latexes production. OJSC Research Institute “YARSINTEZ” is a licensor of patent rights for a range of energy-efficient environmentally friendly catalytic chemical technologies and a supplier of catalysts for manufacturing of isobutylene, propylene, styrole, methyl-tret-butil-ether, rubber butyl.
Yaroslavl branch of the Institute of Physics and Technology, Institution of Russian Academy of Sciences, is engaged in carrying out basic and applied research in spheres of element and technological bases of micro- and nano-electronics and microsystem technology.
Yaroslavl Scientific and Technological Information Center – branch of the FSBO “Russian Energy Agency” of the Energy Ministry of the Russian Federation (former Yaroslavl CNTI) supports implementation of stimulation strategy for energy-saving and energy efficiency improvements in public sector, energetics, industry and housing services and utilities; develops and selects projects in energy saving in the subjects of the Russian Federation; organizes in the subjects of the Russian Federation legal, research and development, information and analytical support, training and further education of personnel.
State Budgetary Institution of the Yaroslavl Region “Yaroslavl State Institute of Raw Materials and Food-Stuff Quality” carries out laboratory studies, chemical, microbiological and toxicological tests of raw materials and food-stuff; controls genetically modified objects in food industry; carries out scientific and technological activities in development, organization and engineering of production of diary and other products, nutritional supplements in order to increase their nutritional value and safety.
Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization Research and Development Design Institute “Cadaster” is a modern Russian innovative organization engaged in development and research, design, consulting in the sphere of environmental problems and natural resource management keeping up with the highest innovative requirements.

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