Success Stories

Group Company Lindab is an international Group that develops, manufactures, markets and distributes products and system solutions for simplified construction and improved indoor climate. The products are characterized by high quality, ease of assembly, energy efficiency, consideration towards the environment, and are delivered with high levels of service.

Project in Yaroslavl: LLC Lindab Buildings

Construction and operation of construction elements production plant (overall capital investment 961,7 million rubles). Complete industrial and commercial buildings production plant with use of metal constructions began its work in 2009; it is the first Lindab Company plant in Russia. Steel building package consists of basic bearing structure, system of wall and roof beams, wall and roof systems, accessories and energy saving insulation. Launch of the plant substantially increased general manufacturing facilities of the company and cut costs of building packages for the Russian consumers, preserving at the same time the high quality of Lindab production.

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (Takeda) Pharmaceutical Company Limited (Takeda) is a research-based global company with its main focus on pharmaceuticals. Takeda has an active commercial presence in the therapeutic areas of metabolic diseases, cardiovascular health, gastroenterology, oncology and vaccine production. The company owns diversified portfolio, which includes medications for general and specialized therapy, branded generics and non-prescription medications.

Project in Yaroslavl: Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

Construction of the plant for manufacturing of sterile liquids and solid forms in Yaroslavl (investment 75 million euro). The plant specializes in manufacturing of sterile liquids (in ampoules and vials) and solid forms (in tablets). The plant meets both Russian standards and standards of good manufacturing practice (GMP). The plant produces medicines mostly for the Russian and CIS markets.

JSC R-Pharm is a Russian hi-tech pharmaceutical company. The company is involved in manufacturing of finished dosage forms, innovative pharmaceutical products from a broad number of therapeutic areas in specialty/hospital care, R&D of innovative products and technologies, launch at the Russian market of modern high-efficiency medicines, education and training of specialists for pharmaceutical sphere and health care. R-Pharm operates in Russia and CIS, USA, Germany, Japan, Turkey/MENA and India.

Project in Yaroslavl: JSC R-Pharm Moscow (branch JSC R-Pharm “State-of-the-art Manufacturing Site of Finished Dosage Forms”)

Organization of finished dosage forms production in Yaroslavl (investment 2 920,7 million rubles). R-Pharm’s production of finished dosage forms in Yaroslavl is designed with an account to all latest GMP requirements. Within the project, the company produces drugs for treatment of the most important vital diseases, such as heavy bacterial, virus and fungal infections, oncological diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, hematologic, immunologic diseases, etc.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. is a world-wide leader in production of generics, one of the largest international pharmaceutical companies. Product portfolio of the company includes medicines for cardiology, pulmonology, neurology, psychiatry, endocrinology, gastroenterology, oncology, treatment of osteoporosis and infectious diseases.

Project in Yaroslavl: LLC Teva Moscow (branch LLC Teva Yaroslavl)

Construction of pharmaceutical plant for production of finished dosage forms in Yaroslavl (overall capital investment 2 178,0 million rubles). Construction of the Yaroslavl plant is the first manufacturing facility of the Teva company in Russia. Production plan of the plant includes production release of dry dose medications in form of standard and high-active medications (coated and uncoated pills, dry-filled capsules).


Yaroslavl Soft Beverages Plant produces non-alcoholic beverages using artesian well water in plastic bottles (PET).

Project in Yaroslavl: construction and operation of non-alcoholic beverages plant (overall capital investment 666,7 million rubles). The plant produces sparkling and non-sparkling artesian water, sparkling and non-sparkling juice drinks. Yaroslavl Soft Beverages Pant uses modern German drink filling lines, supporting water-preparation equipment, compressor and syrup-filler units. Production lines and other equipment satisfy all international quality standards and uses principles of environmentally clean manufacturing. 

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