Types of tourism and tourism possibilities

Cultural and educational tourism

The most popular sphere of tourism in Yaroslavl is cultural and educational tourism. The first thing to see in the city is its centre. It is a whole architectural ensemble consisting of buildings of the 17-18th centuries and modern structures. Yaroslavl has its own Arbat (pedestrian street) which is Kirova Street housing numerous shops and cafés. Kirova Street leads towards the Volga River embankment which is another place of interest of Yaroslavl. It is in the city centre where the majority of the museums, entertainment clubs, and music cafés are concentrated. If you are fond of serious music you should visit the Yaroslavl Philharmonia or Jazz Centre and enjoy yourself. There are some beautiful places located in the city suburbs; for example Karabikha, the home of poet Nikolay Nekrasov. His memorial estate hosts an annual poetry festival. The Yaroslavl Zoo and Yaroslavl Children’s Railway situated inZavolzhsky raion (city district beyond the Volga River) attract many adults and children every year.

Business tourism

Business tourism is one of the key sectors of the Yaroslavl tourism industry. 
Yaroslavl has the best infrastructure for organising congresses. There is wide experience in organising different types of events, from small meetings and briefings to the largest Russian and international forums, which is well complemented by the availability of all kinds of hotels, since world-class hotels ready to accommodate high level business people are continuously being built. The key feature of Yaroslavl business tourism is the possibility of combining business programmes with various excursions and amusement events, which would not just open the programme, but may also become a memorable closing of a successful meeting.

Sports tourism

Culture, health and sports facilities are being constantly built in Yaroslavl in pursuance of the aim of developing sports tourism. The city has all necessary infrastructure for sports tourism, and if visitors to the city decide to combine sightseeing in the ancient city with a walk or horse riding they can do it with ease! The bravest tourists prefer water sports or mountain skiing. Yaroslavl hosts different sports events all the time, namely, short track, biathlon, rhythmic gymnastics, martial arts, sport dance, track and field, skiing, basketball, volleyball, and other sports competitions. Young athletes take part in these competitions. The city has a great sports infrastructure for organizing not only all-Russia, but also international level events: 8  sports and recreation centres, 2 covered skating rinks with artificial ice, a covered track and field hall, 12 indoor football pitches with artificial flooring. The Shinniksoccer stadium is undergoing reconstruction.

Event tourism

Big international sports competitions are not the only events attracting tourists to Yaroslavl, there are also cultural events. Event tourism is actively developing in Yaroslavl, as it hosts events which attract tourists from different Russian cities:
  • The Maslenitsa (Pancake Carnival) week is an interesting event. Yaroslavl maslenitsa is the main one of the nation, and its visitors have a chance to take part in traditional amusements and folk festivals, taste traditional Yaroslavl blini (pancakes), and experience the atmosphere of genuine fun and frolic! Exclusive hand-made craftworks can be bought or just seen at the annual Yaroslavl craft fair.
  • Autoexotica Yaroslavia 2012 Show opens the season of the biggest Russian auto show Autoexotica. The programme for the event includes an exhibition of unique cars, automobile competitions, an eye-catching show, aconcert. andAvtoradio disco. In 2012 Levtsovo, a suburban airfield, hosted the event for the sixth time and became the traditional ground for organising mass entertainment events for Yaroslavl citizens and the city’s visitors. More than 2 000 unique cars from Yaroslavl, Moscow, Ivanovo, Vologda, Vladimir, and other Russian cities are expected to take part in the show.
  • Dobrofest music and amusement festival is a big entertainment event of European class, uniting the most popular but different types of entertainments in one event. They are represented in the form of separate grounds and zones. Among the festival participants there are guests from Europe, the CIS, Russia. The main part of the programme is music and entertainments: Russian A-list rock celebrities, sports competitions, a showing of the  most interesting movies. According to statistics of tourists coming to Yaroslavl for the year 2011 such events were visited by 10,640 tourists.
There are other interesting events such as:
  • Yaroslavl Spring international rhythmic gymnastics tournament;
  • Yaroslav the Wise international chess festival;
  • Yaroslavl Festivities international festival;
  • E. Kolobov Preobrazheniye (Transfiguration) international festival of choral and bell music;
  • Volkov International Festival;
  • Honey World international beekeepers’ forum;
  • International Tourism Forum;
  • Innovations. Business. Education International Forum.

Children and youth tourism

The development of the children and youth tourism is the preferred direction of development of the Yaroslavl tourism industry. The city of Yaroslavl and Yaroslavl Oblast have rich resources and high potential for the development of this sphere. The city has an excellent infrastructure for children and youth tourism: comfortable and cheap cafés where you can have three adequate meals daily, comfortable hotels, amusement and leisure centres specialising in provision of children’s recreation programmes. The city’s museums have numerous interactive programs for children and youth. Travel agencies offer 1 to 7 day recreation programmes. Various excursion programs could be mixed with horseback and carriage riding or different workshop session on smithying, willow weaving, wood carving, the unique art of enamelling and much besides. They can go to five different theatres including the first Russian F. Volkov theatre and watch performances which suit every taste, visit the zoo, ride a train along the children’s railway and so on. Many attractions for children and youth tourism were commissioned to coincide with the 1000th anniversary of the city, namely; the Yaroslavl Children’s Railway, Yaroslavl Zoo, the Yaroslavl Dolphinarium and the “My Dear Bear” Museum. On the corner of Bolshaya Oktyabrskaya and Chaikovskogo streets the cultural and educational centre is being built based on a project of Antonina Mishina. This centre will host the planetarium, observatory, museum of cosmonautics, and classrooms. To sum up, children and youth tourism is developing in the city. It follows that in involving children and young people into tourism from an early age and by demonstrating the best examples of tourist products to young people at moments of high emotional sensibility, which are typical of this age, group it will lead to the rise in the desire to travel when they reach the age of maturity. Apart from that, the development of children tourism should lead to increase in the number of young people who decide to start a career within the tourism industry.